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  • You can create a OpenSim Avatar in that page.
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  • UUID: If you are Administrator (or Teacher), UUID field is displayed. UUID is automatic generated, but it is also possible to change manually. This is for maintenance or troubleshooting.
  • First Name: First Name of Avatar.
  • Last Name: Last Name of Avatar. If Last Name Activation checkbox at setting page is checked, you can select only what the administrator has prepared.
  • Password: Avatar's login password for OpenSim.
  • Confirm Pass: Confirmation of password.
  • Home Region: Avatar's Home Region.
  • Disclaimer: If you are ordinary user and Disclaimer Activation checkbox at setting page is checked, Disclaimer field is displayed. And you cannot create avatar without agreeing to the this disclaimer.
  • Owner Name: If you are Administrator (or in Admin Group), Owner Name field is displayed. You can freely specify the owner of avatar. If you are ordinary user, created avatar and your Moodle user name are connected to avatar name automatically.

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