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  • This is Moodle2.x, 3.x module that is for submission of the application form.
  • This module has been created by modifying the feedback module of Andreas Grabs created.
  • Latest Version is 1.3.4
  • This application form module, you will be able to create a simple application form and to submit it to the user.
  • Teacher checks the submitted application and processes it as accepted or reject.
  • On the other hand user can update of the submitted application form, and withdrawn, to perform the cancellation.
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The difference with the Feedback module anchor.png

  • You can not post as anonymous (guest).
  • You can post more than one.
  • Teacher can perform any actions on the application form was submitted.
    • Processing content: accept/reject, notification of execution, add to comment.
  • During the creation of the application documents, you can use special label that have a special role to each item.
  • Enable Table (from 1.3.0)
  • Enable accept only (from 1.3.0)
  • Template functions and analysed function are not implemented, yet.
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Special Labels anchor.png

By specifying the following reserved words as the label of an item, it is possible to assign a special role to an item.

  • submit_title
    • When this label is attached to the textfield (Short text answer), it is treated as a title of an application.
  • submit_only
    • This is an item displayed only at the time of an application. This is used for use consent etc.
  • admin_reply
    • Although not displayed on a user at the time of an application, it is displayed after an application. Since the administrator can edit, This is uses for the comment from an administrator, etc.
  • admin_only
    • This is an item which can be displayed to only an administrator and can be edited by only an administrator. It is used for an administrator\'s memo etc.

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