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 +* sl_cache [#m18048f6]
 +** Outline [#uf52edaf]
 +-''sl_cache'' is a UDP Texture Cache Server for ''[[sl_relay>sl_relay (E)]]'' running on Linux.
 +-By our measurements, the texture data accounts for about ''80%'' of all UDP data.
 +-Cache data is saved in a plain file or Berkeley DB file. (It works fast enough even with a plain file)
 +-''sl_cache'' doesn't rewrite the sequence number of UDP packets. It only saves data taking it out of the data stream.
 +- ''sl_cache'' is part of ''[[sl_proxy>sl_proxy (E)]]''.
 +- Current version is ''1.0.0''  (27 July '08)
 +*** Outline of Functions [#gd1c99c9]
 ++Texture data caching is enabled through ''[[sl_relay>sl_relay (E)]]''.
 +***Annoyances or Bugs. [#ie9ebcd0]
 ++Cache data is saved in a plain file or a Berkeley DB file. SQL database is not supported.
 ++The program has not been stress tested.
 +** Explanation [#y7c7c0f1]
 ++[[Caching of Texture Data>./Caching]]
 ++[[Texture Data Base>./Texture DB]]
 ++[[When the server has two network interfaces or more>/sl_proxy (E)/two or more network interfaces]]
 ++[[Log and Debug Mode>./Log and Debug Mode]]
 +** Configuration [#c7736a3e]
 +-The default configuration file is ''/usr/local/etc/sl_proxy/sl_cache.conf'​'.
 +-It is also possible to specify other files if ''-f'' option of  ''sl_cache'' is specified.
 +-Because the configuration file is read before ''sl_cache'' does the switch to the effective user, exec user should be able to be read.
 +-The setting of each item is described in the configuration file. Empty lines or lines starting with # are not read.
 +*** Items [#w5d029f2]
 +Ports for communication with Relay Server
 +Number of transfer packets
 +Access Control
 +-[[Hosts_Allow_File>/sl_proxy (E)/Hosts_Allow_File]]
 +Etc. etc.
 +-[[Temp_File_Dir>/sl_proxy (E)/Temp_File_Dir]]
 +-[[MaxIdleTime>/sl_proxy (E)/MaxIdleTime]]
 +** Execute Options [#nb85999c]
 + sl_cache  [-p port_no] [-f config_file] [-u user_name] [-pid pid_file]
 +           [-i interface_address]
 +           [-v syslog_level] [-l [log_file]] [-fdb] [-d]
 +  -p  : port number that Relay Server(sl_relay) connects. default is 8200.
 +  -f  : configuration file. default is /usr/local/etc/sl_proxy/sl_cache.conf
 +  -u  : effective user.
 +  -pid: pid file.
 +  -i  : specify sl_relay side network interface IP address.
 +       If your server has two or more network interfaces you need to use this option.
 +  -v  : level of syslog. default is LOG_INFO (7).
 +  -l  : create log file. default log file is /var/sl_proxy/slcache.log
 +  -fdb: Berkeley DB is used for the data base. Default is plain file.
 +  -d  : debug mode.
 +**Processes [#b015ec30]
 +*** Data Caching [#i946f8e2]
 +-There is a two step data save process so that a single process can control the actually data save, thus avoiding file locking problems.
 +- [Save Data Process] is ''Cache Put Server''
 +- [Get Cache Process] is ''Cache Control Process''

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