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option buy land

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ludirois  Just popping in   投稿数: 10
Hello i am using opensim 7.5 but i have activate also diva so i dont know if now i am in standalone or in grid mode i have add a gridmode = false to the opensim.ini i am using now xoopensim modules with ubuntu and 4 GB ram i have set le helpuri that point to the helper folder ... now my friend ask me to give the owner permission for 1 land when i try to sell at 0 got grey button and no one cant buy land also if i select the person that i want to give the land i have try to find a script for rent but i could not find any i dont know how can resolve now.
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iseki  Home away from home   投稿数: 1581
Sorry, I do not understand your problem.
Please write more easy English (more shorter sentence).

What can you do?
And what can't you do?
What is your environment of OpenSim?
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ludirois  Just popping in   投稿数: 10
i am not speack english very well i have setup almost everything thanks to your help eccept some other modules i cant still use anyway landtool.php are just frieakout so i am try to find a IN-WORLD script like LSL for give owner permission to the next owner LAND when pay on a box. sorry for my direct words if there are some tutorial to have a look i would be glad to read all in anyway thanks for all
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ludirois  Just popping in   投稿数: 10
ehm iam italian bro
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なし Re: option buy land

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iseki  Home away from home   投稿数: 1581
Do you mean that you can not sell the land by L$0 ?
If it is so,
1. Can you complete a setup of sale of land?
2. Can your friend buy the land with L$0?
When your friend try to buy the land, are error messages displayed? (at Viewer or OpenSim.exe)

Do you want to know LSL that to pay rental of land?
If it is so, I think that you need to execute Money Server.
And sorry, I do not know about LSL that buy the land ownership.
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