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Face Detection

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kinect_me  Just popping in   投稿数: 10
Hi I am enjoying rinions.

Can you tell me more about the face tracking ability of rinions.
I have face tracking ticked and am using the latest Microsoft SDK, i see little movement of the head but nothing noticeable.
i can make head go up and down but cannot make it go side to side .
Also no facial movement yet
This video maybe of interest using kinect to make facial expressions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tlrViymO7E
The new kinect SDK has facial tracking features, but realize that the secondlife avatar is limited, is there any plans to add the ability to add markers to the face and make morph targets.
I would love to see expressions.
Great project best wishes.
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iseki  Home away from home   投稿数: 1581

I interest face (expression) tracking, too.
But it is very difficult.
And in SecondLife, it is difficult to make the expression of a face.
I will study it.

By the way, I am planning control by speech recognition in the next version of Rinions.
It will work by Kinect SDK. About OpenNI, it is under study.

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