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Money Server stops to work,when Npc Bot logs in or HG visitor arrives

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mandarinka  Just popping in   投稿数: 4
Hello !

We are very happy with money server so far.
But today I have noticed certain issue, that I have not noticed earlier.

When Npc Bot logs in the region or HG Visitor (avatar from other grid arrives to the region) then all money stops to work for other avatars that are present at the region.
Balance in the viewer is reset to zero and transactions are not possible to be processed.
Then only relogging or teleporting to other region helps or another registered avatar needs to log in.
Money server shows error in logs:
Unable to refresh info...
I realize that it has been made to deal with avatars that are not registered in the grid,but that should not make stop money transactions for other all registered avatars in the region.

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mandarinka  Just popping in   投稿数: 4
The problem concerns that money server is not able to recognize username of Npc Bot, nor username of hg visitor.
And then there appears error in money logs.
You have set reconnecting in appropriate files referring money rpc module, but in fact this procedure doesn't refresh balance of other avatars in the region,where error has been logged in.
To reproduce it please do following steps:
Please log in to the region with your avatar that has balance > 0, for example,let balance = 1000
Next please create Npc Bot in the same region, when Npc appears please click balance of your money in your viewer,firestorm. Then you will see,that after clicking balance is reset to zero. If you do not click balance, then please try to do some transactions or purchase,you will also see that it can't be processed.
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iseki  Home away from home   投稿数: 1581

What is version of your OpenSim?

I am using OpenSim-0.8.2 and 0.9.0Dev(12/26 2015), but I have not any problems those you mention.
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iseki  Home away from home   投稿数: 1581
I always use Singularity Viewer.

Using Singularity Viewer, those problems are not occurred.

But using FireStorm Viewer, those problems are occurred.

How are other viewers?
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iseki  Home away from home   投稿数: 1581

I understood problems.

I'll update MoneyServer at about Monday (1/11) for FireStorm Viewer.

Thank you for your Bug Report.
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mandarinka  Just popping in   投稿数: 4
Hello Iseki !

Thank You very much for answering me. I am very grateful.

We use an official version of OpenSim: OpenSim Release

Majority of residents use various versions of Firestorm viewer. I have not checked how Singularity behaves.

But I feel intuitevely that it may concern not only Firestorm.

Let me show you what console shows, when Npc bot or Hg visitor arrives to the region with money server enabled:

[MONEY RPC]: handleClientLogin: Unable to refresh information for user "" in DB

ERROR - OpenSim.Grid.MoneyServer.MoneyXmlRpcModule

I always compile money server with my versions of opensim.

I have found appropriate line in MoneyXmlRpcModule.cs

if (!m_moneyDBService.TryAddUserInfo(user))
m_log.ErrorFormat("[MONEY RPC]: handleClientLogin: Unable to refresh information for user \"{0}\" in DB", avatarName);
responseData["success"] = false;
responseData["description"] = "Update or add user information to db failed";
responseData["clientBalance"] = balance;
return response;

This part of your code is responsible for reportign this error.

So as we can see, error is generated by :TryAddUserInfo(user)) , when it gets value: false.

That we can see in: MoneyDBService.cs

public bool TryAddUserInfo(UserInfo user)
MySQLSuperManager dbm = GetLockedConnection();
if (dbm.Manager.fetchUserInfo(user.UserID) != null)
m_log.InfoFormat("[MONEY DB]: Found user \"{0}\", now update information", user.Avatar);
if (m_moneyManager.updateUserInfo(user))
return true;
else if (dbm.Manager.addUserInfo(user))
m_log.InfoFormat("[MONEY DB]: Unable to find user \"{0}\", add it to DB successfully", user.Avatar);
return true;
return false;
catch (Exception e)
// Fumi.Iseki
return false;

Because, there are many viewers, I feel intuitevely that problem can concern other viewers too.

I have also noticed that, when this error occurs, then logging with another registered avatar in the region, helps to refresh balance and money starts to work.

So maybe it would be nice , to set procedure, that when such error ( exception ) occurs:

then money server could update balance of one, assume admin avatar or banker avatar, in the region where error has happened.

in this way, we would not worry abotu hundreds of viewers versions in the future.

But anyway i am happy that you confirm this bug and i look forward your update and answer.

Regards !!!
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mandarinka  Just popping in   投稿数: 4
Hello Iseki !

I want to confirm that Your update: opensim.currency-0.8.2_1 works great !

I use: OpenSim Release and as You have written it shoudl work and i have checked, it works correct.

It detects NPC and HG avatars and money server works without problem !

i am very grateful to You and so happy !

I need to confess that i was also observign the same part of your code where you have fixed it, and also was compiling fwe times money server with setting appropriate balance for response to the viewer but

i missed sufficient experience and my trails have failed.

Anyway Thank You very much!

Kind Regards !
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