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Ideas that may be good to add to this project

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master  Just can't stay away   投稿数: 138
We have run for a long time a full grid and found some things we had to add in to our old wi-redux and as far as i know these functions do not quite exist as we think they should so i thought i would offer these here.

#1 We added into our old front end its own IRC server that also does not require the user to need anything to use it.
(java enabled web browser and a grid member account is all).
(all of it is server side). Opensimulator has a fairly good IRC and we found it now to be a must have item.
It is used not just for chat or irc enabled viewers but also live help too.. very useful and not hard to take care of.
As we control both sides of the irc we can also control how it is used and for exactly what.
Public IRC is not so good for this that we found out over time (long story) lol

#2 We added in our own serverside version of pastebin. Why this is widely available it is not so easy to add it.
This is also used by both grid users (scripters mostly) and admins as well. The reasion we wanted it within our own
is so that the information in it would not also be too public (only grid members can access it) and a very good tool. fast and simple.
Be it just for admin notes or complex information and lists.

#3 I added in a grid to serverside lsl reachable mysql data storage system. So that scripts can truly have grid wide persistant data storage. I know this has been done in sl and dident work to well there but they also did not make it part of the controlled grid. Where here we can and in testing is quite stable when done properly. The best place to do this right is when you control both the mysql instance and the backend interface (reusing good protocols) and script function auth. within the same system as a opensim grid can. I found many many uses for this.

Anyway i thought some of this may be worth talking about and we use them all the time as part of our day to day admin toys but have never been made into a frontend were it can be done well that we have seen.

There more held on with tape right now ... lol

Overall they should only be useable to registered grid members and not part of normal CMS users.

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