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Thank you for sl_cache!

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kittin  Not too shy to talk 居住地: Oregon, USA  投稿数: 31

I wanted to say "Thank you" for making sl_proxy, specifically sl_cache. Where I live, I do not have high-speed internet access. I am on a cell-phone network and I only get speeds of about 150k-300k. Also, I am limited to only transferring about 10 gigabytes of data per month.

Because sl_cache tracks texture data so well, I am able to use Second Life and not go over my 10 gig quota. Literally, I would not be able to use Second Life if you had not created this software. I have terabytes of disk space. I just don't have any network capacity.

I do have to disable both HTTP Textures and HTTP Inventory to use sl_proxy, but I'm ok with that. It works great!

So, a very heart-felt thank you from me.
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iseki  Home away from home   投稿数: 1581
Hi kittin,

I'm happy to receive your report. :)

When SL Viewer 2.1 over is used, "HTTP Get Texture" is available.
I don't know

I don't know which of sl_cache and "HTTP GET Texture" is speedy.
If sl_cache is faster than "HTTP GET Texture", it is very interesting.

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kittin  Not too shy to talk 居住地: Oregon, USA  投稿数: 31
I am not sure whether HTTP Get Texture is faster than sl_cache on modern networks, but on my slower network, sl_cache is pulling cached textures locally and delivering them at 802.11N speeds or locally from the hard disk, depending on which computer I'm running my SL client from (Mac mini runs sl_cache, Mac book air runs client ... or I run the client on the mini, also).

Speed isn't my concern. It's the caching of the textures and reducing my WAN network traffic that makes sl_proxy so valuable to me.
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kittin  Not too shy to talk 居住地: Oregon, USA  投稿数: 31
What happens when HTTP(S) textures are enabled in the client? Does sl_cache still deliver the texture data or does it come from the SL servers?

When I use UDP textures, sl_cache writes:
[99927] RES_CACHE_IMAGE: sended cache = 53e39f4b-23c1-0cae-f23b-d7b56367d93c.1
[99927] RES_CACHE_IMAGE: sended cache = 53e39f4b-23c1-0cae-f23b-d7b56367d93c.3
[99927] RES_CACHE_IMAGE: sended cache = 53e39f4b-23c1-0cae-f23b-d7b56367d93c.2

Yet when I use HTTP textures, sl_cache writes:
[99927] RES_CACHE_IMAGE: sended cache = 53e39f4b-23c1-0cae-f23b-d7b56367d93c
[99927] RES_CACHE_IMAGE: sended cache = a7bb95f2-9866-f403-d68f-edfbae687b24
[99927] RES_CACHE_IMAGE: sended cache = 8ddd8351-282f-1c8a-2d64-d18f47a1be7b
[99927] RES_CACHE_IMAGE: sended cache = c8e27386-3bc2-7a07-e192-4b406456f775

My question is, is sl_cache still working for me as a cache but just not storing the textures all broken up into UDP packets? I'm trying to understand why my network usages seem to be higher with HTTP(S) textures vs. UDP textures. It may be that I'm just getting new complete copies of the textures.

As long as sl_cache is still caching, it's not useless. At least, not to me.
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iseki  Home away from home   投稿数: 1581
I think that if HTTP Texture is used, sl_cache is useless, probably.
But since I did not experiment, I do not know exactly.
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