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  • PARAM_RAW: specifies a parameter that is not cleaned or processed in any way.
  • PARAM_CLEAN: Obsolete, please try to use a more specific type of parameter.
  • PARAM_INT: Integers only, use when expecting only numbers
  • PARAM_ALPHA: Contains only english letters.
  • PARAM_ACTION: Alias for PARAM_ALPHA, use for various actions in forms and URLs.
  • PARAM_FORMAT: Alias for PARAM_ALPHA, use for names of plugins, formats, etc.
  • PARAM_NOTAGS: All HTML tags are stripped from the text. Do not abuse this type.
  • PARAM_TEXT: General plain text compatible with multilang filter, no other html tags.
  • PARAM_FILE: Safe file name, all dangerous chars are stripped, protects against XSS, SQL injections and directory traversals.
  • PARAM_PATH: Safe relative path name, all dangerous chars are stripped, protects against XSS, SQL injections and directory traversals
    • note: The leading slash is not removed, window drive letter is not allowed
  • PARAM_HOST: expected fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or an IPv4 dotted quad (IP address)
  • PARAM_URL: expected properly formatted URL.
  • PARAM_LOCALURL: expected properly formatted URL as well as one that refers to the local server itself. NOT orthogonal to the others! Implies PARAM_URL!
  • PARAM_CLEANFILE: safe file name, all dangerous and regional chars are removed,
  • PARAM_ALPHANUM: expected numbers and letters only.
  • PARAM_BOOL: converts input into 0 or 1, use for switches in forms and urls.
  • PARAM_CLEANHTML: cleans submitted HTML code and removes slashes
    • note: do not forget to addslashes() before storing into database!
  • PARAM_ALPHAEXT: the same contents as PARAM_ALPHA plus the chars in quotes: "/-_" allowed, suitable for include() and require()
  • PARAM_SAFEDIR: safe directory name, suitable for include() and require()
  • PARAM_SEQUENCE: expects a sequence of numbers like 8 to 1, 5, 6, 4, 6, 8, 9. Numbers and commas only.

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