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OpenSim Diorama System anchor.png

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Demo anchor.png

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OpenSim Diorama System v2 anchor.png

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Download anchor.png

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Release anchor.png
  • Now version is beta. Please wait a bit.
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The most simplest Getting Start anchor.png

  1. Download patched OpenSim.exe and copy to OpenSim folder (directory). (Sorry not upload yet)
    • Please set OSFunctionThreatLevel to High in OpenSim.ini
    • Execute OpenSim.exe
  2. Download patched Viewer and copy to original viewer folder. And execute it.
  3. Login to OpenSim.
  4. Set all Texture Elevation Range of Terrain to 0.0 (both Low and High) at World, Region/Estate menu in Viewer.
  5. Create Object and create new script. Copy and paste LSL (TerrainModifyer) and conf note card (TerrainMod.conf).
  6. Type command. Example ... /5050 mapping 46.849742x-121.761278
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OpenSim Server anchor.png

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Extend Server Function anchor.png

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Patched OpenSim.exe anchor.png

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0.8.0 anchor.png
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Web Server (PHP) anchor.png

  • Web Server Scripts (PHP) download Terrain Height data and Terrain Texture Data.
    • get_height.php : down load height data as string data.
    • get_texture.php : down load texture data.
  • This System is using SRTM data as Height Data
  • This System is using Google Map API as Texture Data
  • If you difficult to set up Web Server, you may use our Web Server (http://www.nsl.tuis.ac.jp/geo )
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SL Viewer anchor.png

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Extend Viewer Function anchor.png

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Patched Viewer anchor.png

  • Install original Viewer and copy the below patched Viewer to original Viewer installed folder.
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Singularity Viewer anchor.png
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Firestorm Viewer anchor.png
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Bug anchor.png

  • 描画距離が大きいと他のSIMの影響を受けて,画像がおかしくなる

diorama_err.png, SIZE:600x390(319.7KB)

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Development anchor.png

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