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  • This patch is for OpenSim in NAT Router that has not NAT Loopback (Hairpin NAT) function.
  • For the OpenSim-0.8.1/0.8.2
  • HyperGrid mode is only supported (It might works in other modes, but we have no time to validate all modes).
  • It does not support all the features.
  • To effect the fullest, you must apply the patch to all the servers in the grid.
  • This patch rewritten core part of OpenSim. Even if malfunction of OpenSim and disappearance of inventories occur by applying this patch, we can't take responsibility.
  • Please use this at Your Own Risk!!
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Functional restriction anchor.png

  • If this patch is not applied to Robust Server, you can not directory login to your own Region in NAT.
  • If this patch is not applied to other Region Server, you can not teleport to your own Region in NAT from the other Region.
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Attention anchor.png

  • This Patch uses Token column of regions table of DB as to save private IP address.
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Settings anchor.png

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Regions.ini anchor.png
  • Set private IP address of Server to InternalAddress. Don't set
  • Set domain name (FQDN) of Server to ExternalHostName. Don't set SYSTEMIP or IP address.
  • Example
    [Remote Test]
    RegionUUID = ccfaa21e-ed4a-4e2e-bcee-d8a3272a5fdc
    Location = 7992,8006
    InternalAddress =
    InternalPort = 9000
    AllowAlternatePorts = False
    ExternalHostName = sirius.star-dust.jp
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hosts file anchor.png
  • You must describe hosts file that is at same PC with Viewer
  • Example  sirius.star-dust.jp
  • hosts file
    • Linux/Unix: /etc/hosts
    • Windows: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
    • OSX: /private/etc/hosts
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StandAlone Grid anchor.png
  • When setting of GridManager of Viewer, don't use Please use FQDN in hosts file.
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How to use in JOG anchor.png

  • Download Binary from here and describe Regions.ini and hosts file
  • Describe Regions.ini and hosts file
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How to use in OSGrid anchor.png

  • Download Binary for OSGrid from here
  • Download setting files (OpenSim.ini, GridCommon.ini, FlotsamCache.ini) from OSG
  • Describe Regions.ini and hosts file
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Attention anchor.png
  • As we can not apply the patch to Robust (Login) server in OSG, you can not log in directly to your own Region in the same NAT.
  • You can not directory TP or move into your own Region in the same NAT from other Regions that are not applied the Patch.
  • Since JOG Gate (9999,9886) has been patched,please TP to your region via the JOG Gate Region
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How to use in your own managed grid. anchor.png

  • Apply the Patch to all Servers in your own Grid. (include Robust Server)
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Bugs anchor.png

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Go Home or Ctrl+Shift+H Bug in the OSGrid anchor.png

  • In the OSGrid, if "Go Home" button or "Ctrl+Shift+H" is abnormal result from JOG Gate
  • Please search your Home Region and teleport to Home Region at JOG Gate.
  • Still when it's useless, please teleport to Home Region via JOGRID.NET:8002

abnormal_return.png, SIZE:1024x609(140.4KB)

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Other Informations anchor.png

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