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The message of "NI Device is not Connected" appears in Kinect being connected. anchor.png
  • Please check USB connection and power adapter connection of Kinect.
  • Please execute DEMO Programs of OpenNI. If DEMO Program is not executed, there are problems in OpenNI, NITE or avin2.
    • DEMO Programs are at C:\[OpenNI Install Folder]\Samples\Bin\Release
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Rinions anchor.png

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I can not login to server anchor.png
  • Check the name (or IP address) and port number of a server. Or the server may be downed.
  • The head string (prefix) of a Group Key can be restricted by the server side. Please check whether the Prefix of a Group Key is correct.
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When login, Rinions has been waiting..... anchor.png
  • Animation Relay Server is in trouble. Stop Rinions forced, and please retry after waiting for a while, or contact to administrator of the server.
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Sometimes, camera image is not synchronized in Sensor Window. anchor.png
  • When Kinect driver of OpenNI is used on Win7 x64, we see this phenomenon. Probably it may be a 32bit driver's bug (I hope that [worried] ).
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Rinions crashed!! anchor.png
  • If you use OpenNI and when you click Play icon on Sensor Window, Rinions crashed. Please check that you installed NITE or not.
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Second Life / OpenSim anchor.png

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When downloaded Imprudence-1.3.2 is executed, side-by-side Error is occurred anchor.png
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Rinions recognized user, but avatar does not move in SL/OS anchor.png
  • Was UUID of the animation which the avatar is performing set to Rinions? (Setting of Animation Dialog)
  • Is the Viewer currently used re-compiled Viewer with Rinions's patch?
  • Please check "Quaternion" Check Box in "Data Output" Dialog from "Setting" Menu of Rinions
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Rinions recognized user, but avatar does not move in SL/OS (with Network Mode) anchor.png
  • Please try with no Network Mode.
  • Avatar moved with no Network Mode, but avatar does not move with Network Mode
    • Do you login to a server?
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A motion of the leg of avatar is strange. anchor.png
  • Rinions is using the data from Kinect almost as it is.
  • If there is spare time, I consider the program for correction. :-)

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