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  • Auto Attendance block for Moodle 2.2-2.7
  • Development Goal: I want to exceed the attendance system introduced in my university for fee!!
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These AutoAttendance module and block are modification of the Attendance block/module of Mr. Dmitry Pupinin and et. al.
In addition to the manual attendance mode to take attendance manually the original, automatic attendance mode (from the access log of Moodle) and semi-automatic attendance mode (user clicks a link) are also possible.
I strongly recommend a combination of autoattendance block (autoattend) and autoattendance module (autoattendmod).

Is incompatible with the database of Version 1.x to Version 2.x. You can upgrade from 1.x, but attendance data in 1.x will not display correctly in 2.x. After v2.1.4, Please re-save session data.

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Screen Shots for Teacher (v2.1.3) anchor.png

Attendance_eng.png, SIZE:912x871(75.3KB)    Attendance2_eng.png, SIZE:994x750(63.0KB)    Attendance3_eng.png, SIZE:988x840(45.3KB)    report_eng.png, SIZE:1079x639(41.5KB)

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  • This is additional module to block_autoattend
  • cron and grade function are added to block_autoattend.
  • This works as link to semi-auto attendance, too.
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  • A module for a teacher to refer to some student's attendance of all courses.
  • Under developing ... v1.0.2beta now
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Trouble of Timezone anchor.png

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"duplicate record" error, when upgrade to 2.2.0 or Over anchor.png

  • backup DB
  • version of version.php is made into the present version (2014032700 or earlier).
  • Execute Repair of DB by autoattend block at any course.
  • Return version of version.php to 2014051600. And upgrade autoattend block.
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