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for MS Windows anchor.png
  • Windows UI is available now. Please see OARConvWin.
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v1.4.x anchor.png
  • v1.4.4
    • fix "tree rotation bug" that tree does not rotation. re-generate tree images
  • v1.4.3
    • correct Gray Scale Sculpt Image
  • v1.4.2
    • support MS Windws
  • v1.4.1
    • fix memory leak of STLTool, for VS C++
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Attention anchor.png

Japanese Text

  • 全てのデータが問題なく変換できる訳ではありません.正確に変換できないオブジェクトがあります.
  • 最大限の変換効果を得るには,エディタ拡張の SelectOARShader を経由して Unityにインポートする必要があります.
  • その他,こちらで把握していない問題点が多数存在するものと思われます.
  • SL Viewer は真に偉大なソフトウェアです (とても真似できん!)
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Not Support (そもそもコーディングしていない機能) anchor.png
  • サーポートしていないシェーディング方法があります(バンプマップ,スペキュラマップなど).
  • フレキシブルプリム,リンデンツリーはサポートしていません.
  • スクリプト(パーティクルシステム)はサポートしてません.
  • 水面・水中はサポートしていません.Unityのアセットを使用してください.
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Known Bugs (能力限界) anchor.png
  • テクスチャが(正確に)読み込めない場合があります.
  • アルファチャネルが正確に表示されない場合があります(アルファブレンディングなど).
  • 一部テクスチャが正確に貼り付けられない場合があります(チューブプリムの側面など).
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Version 1.4 anchor.png

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Functions. anchor.png

Normal PrimOKBut Test is not enough
Sculpted PrimOKBut Test is not enough
MeshOKTextures are limited to 32 pieces
Tree & GrassMiddlingLinden Tree is not supported
Flexible PrimNo
TerrainMiddlingTerrain Texture is not well
Var RegionOK
Mega RegionMiddlingRegions of non-root useless
Script/Particle SystemNo
WaterNoWater level of Terrain will be 0m
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Install from Binary anchor.png

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If you are root anchor.png
  • Please extract zip file and execute make command.
  • Require sudo command by distribution.
    # unzip oarconv_bin-x.y.z.zip
    # cd oarconv
    # make install
  • If /etc/ld.so.conf does not include /usr/local/lib, please insert /usr/local/lib to /etc/ld.so.conf . And execute ldconfig command.
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If you are not root anchor.png
  • Please exrtract zip file at your home directory.
  • And please use ~/oarconv/oarconv.sh shell script instead of ~/oarconv/bin/oarconv command
    $ cd
    $ unzip oarconv_bin-x.y.z.zip
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Install from Source Code anchor.png

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Needed External Libraries anchor.png
  • zlib devel package
    • If you can use yum command, please execute yum install zlib-devel command.
      # yum install zlib-devel -y
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Compile & Install anchor.png
  • Download and extract the package.
# tar zfxv oarconv-x.y.z.tar.gz
# cd oarconv-x.y.z
# ./configure --enable-openjpeg
# cd C++Lib
# make 
# cd ../src
# make
# make install
  • If you get aclocal error, when you execute make. Please execute ./config.sh command before ./configure command.
    • In this case, you need autoconf package.
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Usage anchor.png

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Example anchor.png
  • Show help message
    % oarconv -h
  • You will get collada files in ./DAE directory.
    % mkdir OAR
    % cd OAR
    % tar zxfv (any directory)/oarfile.oar
    % cd ..
    % oarconv -i OAR -o DAE
  • convert only xxxx.xml object.
    % oarconv -i OAR -o DAE -f OAR/objects/xxxx.xml
  • convert only terrain data
    %  oarconv -i OAR -o DAE -e 0
  • get a STL file of one object
    % oarconv -i ABYSS -o STL -f ABYSS/objects/Venus_428-154-3720__e633f42c-abb2-498b-aadb-ea6781506f98.xml -b
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Help message anchor.png
oarconv [-i OAR directory] [-o output directory] [-a adding assets directories that separated by ':'] [-f object xml file]
        [-t terrain texture scale] [-c external convert command of jp2]
        [-s start no.] [-e end no.]
        [-x shift of x direction] [-y shift of y direction] [-z shift of z direction]
        [-b] [-p] [-d] [-v] [-h]

  -i : specify OAR directory. default is ./
  -o : specify output directory. default is ./DAE/
  -f : specify object xml file. only specified file is converted.
  -a : specify adding assets directories that separated by ':'. default is /usr/local/share/oarconv/assets/:./assets/
  -t : specify terrain texture scale. default is 7.000000
  -c : specify external convert command from jp2 to other image. default is "/usr/local/bin/opj_decompress -i %s -o %s >/dev/null 2>&1"
  -s : specify start number of xml file. default is 0.
  -e : specify end number of xml file. default is -1 (minus number means infinity).
  -x : specify shift of x direction of all objects. default is 0.0
  -y : specify shift of y direction of all objects. default is 0.0
  -z : specify shift of z direction of all objects. default is 0.0
  -b : output STL file(s) using BREP.
  -p : when linked objects include phantom even one, saved to Phantom directory.
  -d : debug mode. display debug information. 
  -v : display version information. 
  -h : display this help messages. 

ex.) oarconv -i OAR -a /usr/local/opensim/bin/assets/TexturesAssetSet:./assets -d
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Bugs or Limitations anchor.png

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oarconv anchor.png
  • Planar Texture is not supported.
  • Texture Bumpmap is not supported.
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Unity3D anchor.png
  • Unity3D does not read some parameters from collada file. ex. light, glow, specular, bright.
  • コライダー設定(物理設定)は読み込まれない.
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Collada anchor.png
  • Collada does not support BumpMap
    • oarconv treats BumpMap as extra tag.
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Trouble Shooting anchor.png

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Error messages: "OARTool::ConvertTexture: ERROR: texture ..... convert error (-21, 127)." anchor.png
  • OpenJpeg v1.x can not convert those textures. Please install OpenJpeg v2.x, too.
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License. anchor.png

  • This is Japanese Text

このソフトウェアに含まれるライブラリのライセンスの効力がこのソフトウェアにもおよぶ場合は,そのライセンスに従います. この限りでない場合は,以下のライセンスに従います.

このソフトウェアは非商用に限りフリーで使用できます.再配布,改造等も非商用であれば作者に断り無く行うことができます. ただし,再配布(改造後の再配布も含む)する場合は,元の配布物を完全に配布し,以下のコピーライトを必ず明記してください.

OAR Converter: Copyright (C) 2014 F.Iseki, A.Tate, K.Suzuki and D.Mizumaki

商用(このソフトウェアを使用したサービスで対価を得る場合も含む)で使用する場合は iseki@solar-system.tuis.ac.jp までご連絡をください.(使用状況をお知らせください)

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Exemption from responsibility. anchor.png

This software is not guaranteed at all. The author doesn't assume the responsibility for the problem that occurs along with use, remodeling, and the re-distribution of this software at all. Please use everything by the self-responsibility.

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Address of thanks. anchor.png

  • Thank you very much for all contributors!!

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