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  • sl_relay relays UDP/HTTP(S) packets to a Second Life SIM Server.
  • sl_cache caches UDP Texture data from a SIM Server. (But, sl_cache seems to be useless since SL Viwer 2.1.1. So SL Viewer use "HTTP Get Texture" since v2.1.1)
  • sl_info gathers agents and SIMs infomation from sl_relay. It is also possible to limit access to inappropriate or undesirable SIMs through the use of a white list.
  • sl_voice_relay relay the vivox's SIP, RTP and RTCP packets for voice chat.
  • You can run a Second Life viewer from a PC with private IP address behind a firewall.
  • sl_proxy was made to be used in public organizations such as Universities.
  • Its use is free for educational institutions (free for non-commercial use).
  • Current version is 1.10.4 (30 July. '12).
  • Note: sl_proxy is not GridProxy (this old name is SLProxy)
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sl_relay anchor.png

  • sl_relay is a Relay Server for Second Life. It relays UDP/HTTP(S) packets to a Second Life SIM Server.
  • For more information please see sl_relay.
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sl_cache anchor.png

  • sl_cache is a Texture Cache Server for Second Life.
  • For more information please see sl_cache.
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sl_info anchor.png

  • sl_info is an Information Server.
  • sl_info gathers agents and SIM infomation from sl_relay. It is used to monitor usage of sl_relay.
  • sl_info is also used to provide the white list of SIMs.
  • For more information please see sl_info.
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sl_voice_relay anchor.png

  • sl_voice_relay relays the packets of the SIP system of the Vivox, and enables to use of the voice chat of Second Life for PC in the firewall.
  • For more information please see sl_voice_relay.
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Change Log anchor.png

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1.10.2 anchor.png
  • Corrects bug of update for Note Card and LSL Script.
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1.10.1 anchor.png
  • Corrects bug of license agreement when login.
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1.10.0 anchor.png
  • Support of Get Grid Information Protocol (by advice from kittin)
  • Support of Get Mesh Protocol
  • Support of Aurora-Sim
  • Support of Cygwin (only compile) (by advice from kittin)
  • a few bug fix
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1.9.4 anchor.png
  • Support of SL Viewer 2.7
  • a few bug fix
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Known Bugs anchor.png

  • You might see the same message two or more times in IM or chat. The cause is unknown.
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Installation anchor.png

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Compile and Install anchor.png

  • This software needs the development environments for OpenSSL, zlib and (optionally) Berkeley DB (4.2).
  • If necessary please install them before proceeding.
  • The --enable-db option enables the use of Berkeley DB and can be omitted.
# zcat sl_proxy-X.Y.Z.tar.gz|tar xfv -
# cd JunkBox_Lib
# ./configure  --enable-db
# make
# cd ../sl_proxy-X.Y.Z
# ./configure  --enable-db
# make
# make install
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Execution and Stop anchor.png

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Running sl_proxy anchor.png

  • Execution
    # /etc/init.d/sl_voice_relay start
    # /etc/init.d/sl_info start
    # /etc/init.d/sl_cache start
    # /etc/init.d/sl_relay start
  • Monitoring of Users
    # tail -f /var/sl_proxy/sl_info_agent.log
  • Stop
    # /etc/init.d/sl_relay stop
    # /etc/init.d/sl_cache stop
    # /etc/init.d/sl_info stop
    # /etc/init.d/sl_voice_relay stop
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SL Viewer (MS Windows) Setting anchor.png

  • add exec option.... --loginuri http://FQDN:8100/cgi-bin/login.cgi
    > SecondLife.exe --loginuri http://FQDN:8100/cgi-bin/login.cgi
  • FQDN is proxy server's FQDN or IP address. 8100 is port number the Viewer connects to.(-p option)
  • Changes are made by editing the Target filed of the Second Life shortcut icon.

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Second Life Protocol Information anchor.png

  • UDP (Japanese text only)
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Etc. etc. anchor.png

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License. anchor.png

This software is free for non-commercial use. Distribution and the use library is also free for non-commercial use. Distribution must include all elements as provided, including the library. Copyright notices to all material must remain intact and as displayed in all components.

If you wish to use this software for business (i.e. when you demand value from sales, use, or otherwise from this software), please send e-mail to iseki@solar-system.tuis.ac.jp.

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Disclaimer. anchor.png

This software is not guaranteed at all. The author makes no representations regarding the fitness of this software and does not assume responsibility for any problems that may occur with the use, remodeling, or re-distribution of this software under any circumstances. Use is entirely at your own risk.

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Acknowledgments. anchor.png

This product uses software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit (http://www.openssl.org/ ).
This software used the zlib library (http://www.zlib.net/ ). And Berkeley DB is an optional component of the software.

Information on Second Life protocols has been obtained from the openmetaverse (http://lib.openmetaverse.org/ ) web pages.

GNU autoconf is used for the construction of this program and Subversion is used for the version management.

README_on_gentoo_1.6.1 is written by Uwe aka slick.

Proofreading and some corrections to the sl_proxy English Wiki pages were done by David Gamble.

Thank you very much everyone!!!

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