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"Unable to buy" (Diva 0.7.5)


なし "Unable to buy" (Diva 0.7.5)

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SkyLine  Not too shy to talk   投稿数: 24
Hello again! SkyLine Grid is back from the dead... or trying

My current configuration is a VPS running a virtual instance of Windows Server 2013 running WampServer:

- Apache 2.4.2
- MySQL 5.5.24
- PHP 5.4.3

Opensim Diva Distro 0.7.5
Groups and profiles: Floatsam/XML-RPC
Search: OSSearch (i can search users and groups when creating or managing groups, but when i hit the search button, metaverseink comes up... but this is an unrelated problem)

I have imported the similar working settings i used to have on previous versions of OpenSim with the NSL DTL MoneyServer. It used to work fine on Windows 7 from my office NAT, but as soon as i installed everything on the new VPS, i am unable to get the dialog box to withdraw currency. The master avatar's UUID is set as the BankerAvatar in moneyserver.ini, and i have no errors whatsoever from the moneyserver console or opensim's.

I suspect Windows Server 2013 is not playing nice, but i hope i am wrong.

All i get from the OpenSim console is:

[MONEY NSL RPC]: XmlRpcResponse certSend: connect to: (my moneyserver URL)

No other error shows up in console.

I'm not quite sure if anything else would end up in the logs as for some odd reason, i am unable to properly shutdown the grid. It send the shutdown signal but the window stays open, as if the process refuses to die, which forces me to close the console window. This of course results in no activity in the logs. I'm pretty sure it's WS2013, as it happens for both opensim.exe and moneyserver.exe... maybe a problem with .net?

Thanks in advance for any help!

- SkyLine
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