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Money Problems


なし Money Problems

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master  Just can't stay away   投稿数: 138
I have been trying many configurations but can not make currency work in .7rc2 or .71 dev.
I have it to the point that it will total the cost of buying some but then gets nothing and user remains 0.
I then thought to try your DTL project but ran into a typo in one of the patch's.
After i fixed that, it builds just the money server (it loads ok) But never makes the money module. Nant says Chunk 2 fails when applying the -P1 part of it. I do not know a lot about the process to know what its not happy about.

Using simple money i cant make it work nor can i make it work using your DTL project.
There are no errors given by the services or to the user. Just seems to ignore anything currency related.
I use to use the opencurency project but it no longer works past .69 revs.
I know both are rather picky about how things are set but seems no matter how i set things the result is the same.
I have the opensim ini's set to point to the proper files on modules/xoopensim/helper/xxxx and the clients are pointing to that as well for helpers.php.

I do not think the typo had anything to do with this because it was a patch for .69 with file ending typed wrong.
ie (_.69.pacth vrs _.69.patch). But fixing that did not change anything.

I think i have things set well for building projects with as it will build and run the opensim source ok. (mono and nant ect).
I am using suse 11.2 if it matters.

I would rather have your DTL currency project working rather than the basic one but i cant make ether work at this point.

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