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master  Just can't stay away   投稿数: 138
Well the short answer is search must be made happy before osprofiles will work. They go hand in hand with each other.
to know if search is happy, make shure that users and groups show up in search all. If Only groups do and no users then
you need to solve that 1st. The message its giving you is the clue. Once you have search working Profiles will fall in line.
I was able to make Ossearch +Osprofile work but remeber that nether is fully functional untill stats are fixed. But in my tests it works well enough.
Anyway i think if you make search happy you will also make profiles happy.
Also remember that your .69 versions of add-on modules are not the same ones as in forge svn trunk. The ones in trunk are updated for rev's > .69 and will not work in .69. I keep archives of forge projects so i still have both if needed.

Id love it if someday they would just combine the 2 projects as one, this is another reaison they should as one no good with out the other anyway.
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