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Re: sl_proxy 1.10.1 is released.


なし Re: sl_proxy 1.10.1 is released.

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kittin  Not too shy to talk 居住地: Oregon, USA  投稿数: 31
I've found a problem. It's a little difficult to explain. Normally, I run sl_proxy on my Mac Mini, which acts as a network gateway. It has two NICs in it: and My Mac Pro is where I run my client. It's 10.0.2.*, on DHCP. I start sl_proxy daemons on the Mini with the -i parameter. All of your changes recently are working fine in that setup.

However, if I run sl_proxy on my Pro, the same system that my client runs on, I have upload problems again. I've tried starting with and without the -i parameter. I have more luck connecting to SL with -i But I can't edit notecards or scripts.

The Mac Mini is running OSX 10.6 while my Pro is running 10.8. Just to be sure, I copied the binaries I build on 10.6 to my 10.8 machine and have the same problems.

Unfortunately, my normal ISP is down at the moment and I'm using my cellphone to connect to the internet. I would like to test running sl_proxy locally, but still using my mini as the gateway and see if that works.

Are there any log files I can send you? I don't know where to look for the errors you were seeing. And I'm not familiar enough with Mac yet to know what tools exist like tcpdump and wireshark.
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