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alert <first> <last> <message> - Send an alert to a user

alert general <message> - Send an alert to everyone

backup - Persist objects to the database now

bypass permissions <true / false> - Bypass permission checks

change region <region name> - Change current console region

clear assets - Clear the asset cache

command-script <script> - Run a command script from file

config get <section> <field> - Read a config option

config save - Save current configuration

config set <section> <field> <value> - Set a config option

create region - Create a new region

debug packet <level> - Turn on packet debugging

debug permissions <true / false> - Enable permissions debugging

debug scene <cripting> <collisions> <physics> - Turn on scene debugging

delete-region <name> - Delete a region from disk

dump asset <id> <file> - dump one cached asset

edit scale <name> <x> <y> <z> - Change the scale of a named prim

export - Execute subcommand for plugin 'export'

export-map [<path>]: - Save an image of the world map

fcache assets - Attempt a deep scan and cache of all assets in all scenes

fcache clear [file]: [memory] - Remove all assets in the file and/or memory cache

fcache expire <datetime> - Purge cached assets older then the specified date/time

fcache status - Display cache status

force permissions <true / false> - Force permissions on or off

force update - Force the update of all objects on clients

help [<command>]: - Get general command list or more detailed help on a specific command

help export - Get help on plugin command 'export'

help terrain - Get help on plugin command 'terrain'

help tree - Get help on plugin command 'tree'

kick user <first> <last> [message]: - Kick a user off the simulator

kill uuid <UUID> - Kill an object by UUID

link-mapping [<x> <y>]: <cr> - Set local coordinate to map HG regions to

link-region <Xloc> <Yloc> <HostName>:<HttpPort>[:<RemoteRegionName​>]: <cr> - Link a hypergrid region

load iar <first> <last> <inventory path> <password> [<archive path>]: - Load user inventory archive.

load oar [--merge]: <oar name> - Load a region's data from OAR archive

load xml [-newIDs [<x> <y> <z>]:] - Load a region's data from XML format

load xml2 - Load a region's data from XML2 format

login disable - Disable simulator logins

login enable - Enable simulator logins

login status - Show login status

modules list - List modules

modules load <name> - Load a module

modules unload <name> - Unload a module

monitor report - Returns a variety of statistics about the current region and/or simulator

quit - Quit the application

remove-region <name> - Remove a region from this simulator

restart - Restart all sims in this instance

save iar <first> <last> <inventory path> <password> [<archive path>]: - Save user inventory archive.

save oar <oar name> - Save a region's data to an OAR archive

save prims xml2 [<prim name> <file name>]: - Save named prim to XML2

save xml - Save a region's data in XML format

save xml2 - Save a region's data in XML2 format

set log level <level> - Set the console logging level

set terrain heights <corner> <min> <max> [<x>]: [<y>] - Sets the terrain texture heights on corner #<corner> to <min>/<max>, if <x> or <y> are specified, it will only set it on regions with a matching coordinate. Specify -1 in <x> or <y> to wildcard that coordinate. Corner # SW = 0, NW = 1, SE = 2, NE = 3.

set terrain texture <number> <uuid> [<x>]: [<y>] - Sets the terrain <number> to <uuid>, if <x> or <y> are specified, it will only set it on regions with a matching coordinate. Specify -1 in <x> or <y> to wildcard that coordinate.

show assets - Show asset data

show connections - Show connection data

show info - Show general information

show modules - Show module data

show neighbours - Shows the local regions' neighbours

show queues - Show queue data

show ratings - Show rating data

show regions - Show region data

show stats - Show statistics

show threads - Show thread status

show uptime - Show server uptime

show users [full]: - Show user data

show version - Show server version

shutdown - Quit the application

sun - Usage: sun [param]: [value] - Get or Update Sun module paramater

terrain - Execute subcommand for plugin 'terrain'

tree - Execute subcommand for plugin 'tree'

unlink-region <local name> or <HostName>:<HttpPort> <cr> - Unlink a hypergrid region

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