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Required Resources anchor.png

  • If you want to only receive data from network, it is not necessary to buy NI/NUI Device and install NI/NUI Device RunTime Libraries.
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NI/NUI Device anchor.png
  • Microsoft Kinect for Windows
  • or Microsoft Kinect for XBox with USB connector
  • or Xtion
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RunTime Library anchor.png
  • Microsoft DirectX
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MS Windows anchor.png
  • If you use Kinect SDK 1.0/1.5/1.6, you need to use Windows7.
  • If you use OpenNI/NITE, you can use Windows7/Vista/XP
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Second Life Viewer anchor.png
  • If you want to use other Viewer, please request to us.
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Installation anchor.png

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Install Second Life Viewer that you want to use. anchor.png
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Install Rinions anchor.png
  1. Download Rinions Installer
    • Download Page
    • If you use 64bit (x64) Windows, you can use either 64bit or 32bit Rinions.
      • If you use OpenNI/NITE, make bit of Rinions the same as bit of OpenNI driver.
    • If you use 32bit (x86) Windows, you have to use 32bit Rinions.
  2. Double click the Installer. And please click "Next" and "Install" button.
  3. If install successes, two icons appeared on DeskTop (Rinions and anm_server).
  4. Open Startup Menu and NSL -> Rinions -> Rinions-Viewer. Please copy recompiled viewer shortcut that you want to use to DeskTop.
  5. If you want to uninstall, please select Startup Menu -> NSL -> Rinions -> Uninstall Rinions.
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Setup and Easy Execution of Rinions anchor.png

  1. Upload PSI_Pose.bvh or FullJoints_APose.bvh animation data. Do not Forget to check Loop option.
    1. PSI_Pose.bvh or FullJoints_APose.bvh are in installation folder of Rinions.
    2. You can dwonload PSI_Pose.bvh here too.
  2. Execute Rinions.
  3. Copy ainimation UUID from View to Setting of Animation UUID Dialog of Rinions.
  4. Execute uploaded animation on Viewer.
  5. Open Sensor Window of Rinions, and perform dance. Or read animation Data.

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