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Getting Started of SLKinect2 anchor.png

  • Next Version of SLKinect2 was released --> Please see Rinions
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Needed Resources anchor.png

  • MS Kinect
  • MS DirectX (Runtime DLL)
  • OpenNI, NITE, avin2 (driver for Kinect) (Please use 32bit version)
  • Binary of SLKinect2  (Installer and Recompiled Viewers with SLKinect patch are included)
    • Imprudence-1.3.2, Firestorm-3.2.1/3.2.2 are available now.
    • Probably, those recompiled Viewers will not suit the Third Party Viewer Policy of Linden Lab. Please use this at Your Own Risk in Second Life!!
    • When you execute Imprudence-1.3.2, if you see side-by-side error, please install VC8 runtime vcredist_x86.exe
  • Imprudence 1.3.2 or Firestorm 3.2.1/3.2.2
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Install anchor.png

  1. Install OpenNI, NITE and av2 driver. We recommend to install 32bit version.
    • Please execute OpenNI demo program for TEST.
    • Demo Programs are in C:\[OpenNI Install Folder]\Samples\Bin\Release
  2. Exec Installer\SLKinect2_Setup.msi or copy SLKinect2\SLKinect2.exe to any folder.
  3. Install Imprudence Viewer 1.3.2 or Firestorm Viewer 3.2.1 or 3.2.2.
  4. Copy Recompiled Viewer (*-bin.exe) to folder of Viewer installed (it is in viewer_bin folder).
    • For firestorm, please make short cut of Recompiled Viewer and add --channel "Firestorm-Release" option to linked Program. If you do not add this option, you will look Bad Request login page.
  5. Upload OpenNI_PSI.bvh (it is in viewer_src folder) to Second Life or OpenSim with checked Loop. (need L$10)
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Execution anchor.png

  1. Connect Kinect to PC
  2. Execute Recompiled Viewer (or that's short cut), and login to Second Life/OpenSim.
    • Execute uploaded Animation (PSI pose)
  3. Execute SLKinect2.exe, and select Animation from Setting Menu of SLKinect
    • Copy executed Animation's UUID from Viewer, and paste to Animation UUID input field of Dialog.
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with Local Mode anchor.png

  1. Select Local from Mode Menu
    • Local Mode string is appeared at Status Bar.
  2. Click Sensor Window from Window Menu and select size of window.
    • The program is faster as window size is smaller.
  3. Click Yellow Play Button of Sensor Window
  4. Do PSI Pose of Kinect!!
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with Network Mode anchor.png

  1. Select Network from Mode Menu
    • Network Mode string is appeared at Status Bar.
  2. Open Setting of Network Dialog from Setting Menu
    • If you use our test server (silver-star.nsl.tuis.ac.jp:8200), you do not need to change any settings about Animation Relay Server.
    • If groundless especially, Received Port number is keep default 8200.
    • Change Group key from NSL_TEST to NSL_[SIM Name] within 16Bytes.
    • If your network is in NAT(correctly NAPT) , You must setup your router that port number of router (same number as SLKinect's Received Port) forwards UDP packets to SLKinect's Received Port. Default of SLKinect's Received Port number is 8200.
    • If Network is delayed, check Fast Transfer Mode check box (SLKinect transfers float data instead of double data).
  3. Select Login from File Menu.
    • If login is succeed, Login | Receiving Data string is appeared at Status Bar.
    • Our Animation Relay Server (silver-star) is for TEST and that is in Japan and network speed is not so fast. Therefor when you use silver-star, there may be network delay. We want to your report about network delay for development of server.
    • If Login Error is occurred,
  4. Open Sensor Window from Window Menu
  5. Click Yellow Play button of Sensor Window
  6. Do PSI Pose of Kinect!!
  7. Call to your friends that have a kinect :-).
    • And tell friends about Group Key (NSL_[SIM Name]).

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