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File Menu anchor.png

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Login anchor.png
  • Login to Animation Relay Server. Server setting is at "Setting of Network".
  • When Local Mode is selected, this item is unable.
  • When Kinect is detecting user, this item is unable.
  • When Login is success, Animation data receiving is started by automatically.
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Logout anchor.png
  • Logout from Animation Relay Server. If animation data is being received, it is stopped.
  • If you are detecting user on Sensor Window, it is stopped.
  • If user does not login, this item is unable.
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Receive Data anchor.png
  • If animation data is not received, when this item is picked, check mark is appeared and start to receive data.
  • If animation data is being received, when this item is picked, check mark is deleted and stop to receive data.
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Load Data anchor.png
  • Not implemented yet. This function will be supported by v2.1.0.
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Save Data anchor.png
  • Not implemented yet. This function will be supported by v2.1.0.
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Exit anchor.png
  • Exit from program.
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Window Menu anchor.png

MENU_WINDOW_E.jpg, SIZE:256x124(14.3KB)

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Sensor anchor.png
  • Open the Kinect's Sensor Window. The program is faster as window size is smaller.
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Log anchor.png
  • Open the Log Window.
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Mode Menu anchor.png

MENU_MODE_E.jpg, SIZE:165x80(8.4KB)

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Local anchor.png
  • Animation data is wrote to local shared memory only.
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Network anchor.png
  • This Mode is for exchanging animation data with Animation Relay Server.
  • If Kinect is not connected to PC, Network Mode is selected by force. In this case, SLKinect2 is data receiving only.
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Setting anchor.png

MENU_SETTING_E.jpg, SIZE:189x143(13.8KB)

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Animation anchor.png
  • Open the Dialog of "Setting of Animation" for Animation UUID setting .
  • If user logged in to Server, this item is unable.
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Sensor Window anchor.png
  • Open the Dialog of "Setting of Sensor Window" for view mode of Kinect.
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Log Window anchor.png
  • Open the Dialog of "Setting of Log Window" for logging of data.
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Data Save anchor.png
  • Open Dialog of "Setting of Data Save". But this function is not implemented yet.
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Network anchor.png
  • Open Dialog of "Setting of Network".
  • If Local Mode is selected, this item is unable.
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Help anchor.png

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About SLKinect anchor.png
  • Display Dialog of SLKinect2's information
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Status Bar anchor.png

STATUS_BAR_E.jpg, SIZE:298x22(6.8KB)

  • Status of SLKinect2 is displayed at Status Bar
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Dialog of Settings anchor.png

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Setting of Animation Dialog anchor.png

DIALOG_ANIMATION_E.jpg, SIZE:315x145(19.5KB)

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Animation UUID anchor.png
  • UUID (correctly GUID) of the animation replaced with the animation data from the Kinect is specified.
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Setting of Sensor Window Dialog anchor.png

DIALOG_SENSOR_E.jpg, SIZE:245x142(17.3KB)

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Mirroring anchor.png
  • Mirroring of Kinect Data is performed.
  • An avatar motion is mirrored, too.
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Use Camera Image anchor.png
  • Display camera image on Sensor Window.
  • If it is unchecked, background of Sensor Window is light gray.
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Setting of Log Window Dialog anchor.png

DIALOG_LOG2_E.jpg, SIZE:244x212(23.0KB)

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Position anchor.png
  • Display position data (XYZ) from Kinect.
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Rotation Matrix anchor.png
  • Display elements of rotation matrix from Kinect.
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Quaternion anchor.png
  • Display relative Quaternion that is computed from rotation matrix.
  • Viewer reads this data directory from shared memory.
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Received Data from Network anchor.png
  • Display received Animatin UUID, Number of joints and Unit Data Size (double[8] or float[4])
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Network Check anchor.png
  • The information for debugging for network functions is displayed. So, receiving Rate in every 5s (packets/s), delay time of own data, received Animation Num. and Connection Key are displayed.
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Setting of Data Save Dialog anchor.png

DIALOG_DATA_E.jpg, SIZE:210x214(19.7KB)

  • Not implemented yet. This function will be supported by v2.1.0.
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Setting of Network Dialog anchor.png

DIALOG_NETWORK3_E.jpg, SIZE:298x316(34.3KB)

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Output of Data anchor.png
  • Network and Local: Animation Data is wrote to shared memory and sent to Animation Relay Server.
  • Network only: Animation data is sent only to Animation Relay Server.
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Fast Transfer Mode anchor.png
  • Usually, the UDP data for one frame of an avatar is a header(64Byte) + elements number of joint data(8) x double(8Bytes) x joints number(11) = 768Bytes.
  • If this is checked, a data type will turn into a float(4Bytes), and will serve as 416Bytes in all. In this size, fragmentation is never caused on the network.
  • You can change this, also in during transmission of data.
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Received Port anchor.png
  • Port number of UDP which receives data from an Animation Relay Server.
  • Usually, 8200 is used in the default .
  • If your PC is in NAT (correctly NAPT), you must to set up a router, and UDP data must be forwarded from Port of Router (same number as Received Port) to Received Port of PC which executing SLKinect2. (default is from Router:8200 to PC:8200)
  • You cannot change this item during login.
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Animation Relay Server anchor.png
  • IP address or FQDN of an Animation Relay Server is specified.
  • You cannot change this item during login.
  • Our test server is silver-star.nsl.tuis.ac.jp. You can use this server, but support is nothing.
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Port Num. anchor.png
  • The UDP port number of an Animation Relay Server.
  • It asks administrator and sets to a server.
  • Usually, 8200 should be used in the default.
  • You cannot change this item during login.
  • Port number of silver-star.nsl.tuis.ac.jp is 8200.
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Group Key anchor.png
  • This key is for grouping of user on an Animation Relay Server. A top string (Group Key Prefix) can be specified by the server side.
  • It cannot log in, unless Group Key Prefix is the same as one on server side.
  • About Group Key Prefix, please ask server administrator.
  • It can set up freely except a Group Key Prefix. However, the character must be only an alphanumeric character and must be less than 16 characters on the whole including a Group Key Prefix.
  • You cannot change this item during login.
  • Group Key Prefix of silver-star.nsl.tuis.ac.jp is NSL_

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