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Fire Wall anchor.png

  • If your server is in the Fire Wall (or NAPT/NAT), you need to open the below ports of Fire Wall (or NAPT/NAT). (both incoming and outgoing)
    • Server Port (default is 8200) and MinUdpDataPort to MaxUdpDataPort (default is 8201-8299)
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/etc/init.d/anm_server anchor.png

Execution Script

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SPORT anchor.png
  • Specify the Server Port. Default is 8200
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CONFF anchor.png
  • Specify the configuration file of system. Default is /usr/local/etc/anm_server/anm_server.con​f
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EUSER anchor.png
  • Specify the effective user that executes anm_server. Default is nobody.
  • If you changed effective user, please change owner of working directory (default is /var/anm_server) and /usr/local/etc/anm_server to changed effective user.
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LOGFL anchor.png
  • Specify the log file name. Log file is created in working directory (default is /var/anm_server).
  • Default of log file name is blank. This means that log file is not created.
  • Perhaps, it is faster for operation of server not to create a log file.
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anm_server.conf anchor.png

Configuration File of System. Default is /usr/local/etc/anm_server/anm_server.con​f

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MinUdpDataPort anchor.png
  • The minimum of the UDP port number which anm_server uses. Default is 8201.
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MaxUdpDataPort anchor.png
  • The maximum of the UDP port number which anm_server uses. Default is 8299.
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MaxIdleTime anchor.png
  • It is idle time that since animation data is not sent until a relay process is terminated. Unit is second.
  • Default is 600s (10 minutes).
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Temp_File_Dir anchor.png
  • Specify the working directory. Default is /var/anm_server/
  • It is needed that an effective user can write in this directory.
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Hosts_Allow_File anchor.png
  • Specify the Access Control List of network node for the server.
  • Default is that access control list is not used. (File is not specified)
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GroupKeyPrefix anchor.png
  • Specify the Group Key Prefix for connect to the server. Default is null.
  • This must be less than 16 bytes. But, if you used 16 bytes, only one group exist on the server, as Group Key is within 16 bytes.
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hosts_access.allow anchor.png

  • Access Control List
  • Usually, this file is at /usr/local/etc/anm_server
  • Sample File is in conf directory of distributed package. (conf/hosts_access.allow.sample)
  • Support of CIDER and FQDN.
    # is for comment.
    # Blank Line is ignored.  # access is allowed from only
    192.168.27   # allowed from - # allowed from - # allowed from -  # allowed from -
    www.star-dust.jp # FQDN is transformed to IP address and checked. access is allowed from www.star-dust.jp only
    www.opensim.tuis.ac.jp/ # FQDN is transformed to IP address and checked
    www.nsl.tuis.ac.jp/20  # FQDN is transformed to IP address and checked

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