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  • sl_info is an Information Server for Second Life and is used with sl_relay.
  • sl_info collects information on users (avatars) and SIMs through sl_relay.
  • The accessibility of specific SIMs through sl_relay is controlled based on collected information (avatar identity, viewer ip address and SIM name) and referenced to information kept in a white list. sl_info uses this information to inform sl_relay if access is permitted.
  • sl_info is part of sl_proxy.
  • Current version is 1.1.0 (28 Step. '11)
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  1. The status of Relay Server (sl_relay) can be monitored.
  2. Information on SIMs can be collected via relay server (sl_relay).
  3. It notifies Relay Server (sl_relay) whether a particular SIM should be accessible according to the rules of the white list.
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Annoyances and Bugs. anchor.png

  1. Information is saved in a plain file or a Berkeley DB file. SQL databases are not supported.
  2. It is only possible to collect data for a SIM that is listed in the rules of the white list.
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  • The default configuration file is /usr/local/etc/sl_proxy/sl_info.conf.
  • It is also possible to specify an alternate configuration file using the -f option of sl_info.
  • Because the configuration file is read before sl_info does the switch to the effective user, exec user should be able to be read.
  • The setting of each item is described in the configuration file. Empty lines or lines starting with # are not read.
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Execute Options anchor.png

sl_info  [-p port_no] [-f config_file] [-u user_name] [-i interface_address]
         [-pid pid_file] [-l [agent_log]] [-v syslog_level]
         [-fdb] [-wf [white_list]] [-d]
         [--version] [--help] [-h]
-p   : port number that Relay Server(sl_relay) connects. default is 8200.
-f   : configuration file. default is /usr/local/etc/sl_proxy/sl_cahe.conf
-u   : specify effective user.
-i   : specify sl_relay side network interface IP address.
       if your server has two network interface and more, you need to use this option.
-pid : specify pid file.
-l   : specify log file. default log file is /var/sl_proxy/slcache.log
-v   : level of syslog. default is LOG_INFO (7).
-wf  : Information on the white list is offered.
       The access limitation to SIM is done in cooperation with sl_relay.
-fdb : Berkeley DB is used for the data base. default is plain file.
-d   : debug mode. display debug information.
--version  : display Version information.
--help, -h : display this Help messages.
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Limitation by White List anchor.png

  • Snap Shot of Viewer at same Location and same Time. Right is Forbidden Avatar’s view.
sl_info_forbidden.jpg, SIZE:1494x580(598.8KB)

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