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  • Supported versions of OpenSim are 0.6.7 - 0.9.0
  • Executing mode of OpenSim is Grid Mode and StandAlone with MySQL(MariaDB)
  • Needed DB System of OpenSim is MySQL(MariaDB). SQLite is not supported.
  • Required version of Moodle is 2.x-3.x. We have not tested another version.
  • Supported Operating System is Linux and "Windows". we donot know modlos works or not in another OS because we havenot tested it yet. perhaps it may work.
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Install anchor.png

  • Decompression Modlos at Moodle Bock Directory.
  • Change owner or group of modlos directory for that WWW server read directory.
    # cd /usr/local/apache/htdocs/moodle/blocks
    # tar zfxv (Download Directory of Modlos)/modlos-3.3.1.tgz
    # chown -R apache.apache modlos
  • Login Moodle as administrator
  • Click Notifications menu at Site Administration block. So, Modlos is installed in Moodle.
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Initial Setting anchor.png

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  • Install Modlos block with ordinary method.
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Modlos anchor.png
  • Access any Modlos page.
  • Click Preferences Tab.
  • So, you will see setting page of Modles. (Sample Image)
  • You should set OpenSim SQL Server Name, OpenSim SQL DB Name, OpenSim SQL DB User Name and OpenSim SQL DB Password at setting page. There information is in OpenSim.ini
    • If you make mistake in OpenSim SQL Server Name, System waits for timeout for a long time.
  • When you click Avatars List tab menu, If connection to OpenSim DB is established, avatars list is displayed.
  • Another Important Settings:
    • The teacher is included in the administrator
    • Cooperation with Sloodle
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Common Simple Settings (click title) anchor.png

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Create OpenSim Avatar anchor.png

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Edit OpenSim Avatar anchor.png

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Delete OpenSim Avatar anchor.png

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