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  • Login to Animation Relay Server. Server setting is at "Network" dialog from Setting Menu.
  • When Login is success, Animation data receiving is started by automatically.
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Logout anchor.png
  • Logout from Animation Relay Server. If animation data is being received, it is stopped.
  • If you do not login, this item is unable.
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Receive Data anchor.png
  • If animation data is not received, when this item is picked, check mark is appeared and start to receive data.
  • If animation data is being received, when this item is picked, check mark is deleted and stop to receive data.
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Load Data anchor.png
  • Supported file formats are ONI (when you use OpenNI), BVH, Joints Text and VMD (Experimental).
  • File format is identified automatically.
  • When you use OpenNI and select ONI file, Sensor Window is opened.
  • If you select BVH, Joints Text and VMD file, File Player dialog is opened.
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Save Data anchor.png
  • According to the setting of Data Save dialog, temporary data is saved.
  • Temporary data is made, when record button at Sensor Window is clicked.
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Initialize anchor.png
  • Rinions is initialized and rebooted.
  • If you want to change current SDK (Kinect SDK or OpenNI), please change setting at NI Device dialog and use this item.
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Exit anchor.png
  • Rinions is terminated.

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