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  • OpenSim Web Interface for Xoops Cube by Fumi.Iseki, Sakura Saki and BK201
  • Latest version is 1.55.
  • Based on opensimwi redux 0.32Currency, landtool and helper function work without needing additional configuration.
  • Supported Xoops Cube's version is XCL 2.1.7 or 2.1.8. But, XCL 2.2a is not supported.
  • Supported OpenSim's mode is Grid mode, StandAlone mode of 0.6.x is not supported. But StandAlone mode of 0.7.0/0.7.1.x/0.7.2Dev is supported.
  • Supported DB is MySQL, SQLite is not supported.
  • Offline Message and Mute List are supported.
  • Login Screen is supported.
  • Includes flotsam group function , can use group functionality without any additional configuration.
  • Includes osprofile function for user profile of 0.7.0/0.7.1.x/0.7.2Dev
  • Includes ossearch function for in world search of 0.7.0/0.7.1.x/0.7.2Dev
  • World Map works for multiple regions. Position is not currently reset when you zoom.
  • Avatar list shows logged in avatars and which SIM they are in.
  • It is possible to change Region(Estate) Owner and Voice Chat Mode (need to reboot of SIM).
  • Supported OpenSim versions are 0.6.7, 0.6.8, 0.6.9 and 0.7.0/0.7.1.x/0.7.2Dev
  • It is supported to migrate of DB from 0.6.9-> 0.7.x
  • Auto synchronization with OpenSim DB.
  • If you can not show World Map icon at 0.7.0, this is OpenSim's bug. Please see Attention!!
  • Plan of Bug Fix & Future Works
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New Functions of v1.5x anchor.png

  • Support of Banker Avatar for DTL/NSL Currency Server (1.54)
  • Support display of Region Statistics (When click IP address of region lists, region statistics is showed)
  • Support Profile Photo of Avatar (Need Jasper or Imagemagick that supports JPEG2000. It does not work in MS Windows)
  • Support Login Screen
  • Support Mute List (Use original module by NSL)
  • Support ossearch
  • Support Clear Presence table of OpenSim DB (for crash of SIM)
  • Include Binary Modules
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Download anchor.png

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Attention!! anchor.png

  • Latest OpenSim 0.7Dev (-r/13094) has bug of World Map function. Therefore, XoopenSim can not display the SIM icon on World Map normally. Please patch to the source code with patch code. We fairly reported on this to Mantis ahead. However, it is not corrected. (6/21 '10)
  • If guest users do not have module accessibility, helper/xmlgroups.php does not run, and login fails. (This is a feature, not a bug.)
  • When the PHP debug mode of Xoops Cube has been turned on, XMLRpc of this module doesn't work normally by the PHP debugging message.
  • When it accesses the Region server of OpenSim and Xoops Cube with same URL, this module doesn't work normally by Xoops Cube's cookie. Please set to connect it with different URL even if there are the same machine.
  • When "Short Open Tag" of PHP is OFF, module before v1.1x doesn't work normally.
  • If you have installed Protector module (or other protect module for DOS attack), regist OpenSim Region Server to "trusted IP".
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Disclaimer anchor.png

This software is not guaranteed at all. The author makes no representations regarding the fitness of this software and does not assume responsibility for any problems that may occur with the use, remodeling, or re-distribution of this software under any circumstances. Use is entirely at your own risk.

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Main Page anchor.png

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World Map (multi region and zooming without position resetting are supported) anchor.png

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Regions List anchor.png

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Avatars List anchor.png

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Region Information anchor.png

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Avatar Information anchor.png

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